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Card Defender (pack of 6)

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Card Defender (pack of 6)
The Card Defender is a low cost solution to reduce the risk of unauthorised payments being taken from your contactless credit or debit card. Keep your card inside this protective sleeve to prevent it from being scanned by thieves. With this pack of 6 you can share them with family members to help keep their money safe too.

Even though this established product is accredited by Secured by Design (police approved), we have also tested the Card Defender sleeve against commercial contactless payment terminals as well as mobile phones running apps that scan contactless cards. In both situations the card inside the sleeve could not be scanned by the devices until it was purposely removed from the sleeve. See the description section below for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: This product comes as a pack of 6 individual sleeves and does not have the OWL logo printed on it. It has "Card Defender" printed on one side and the reverse is plain. It has the same quality and function as our previous OWL branded product.

COLOURS: Each pack contains 2 red, 2 black and 2 silver sleeves. You cannot order specific colours, you will receive all colours.

If you require quantities greater than 6 individual sleeves, then simply order 2 packs to get 12, or 3 to get 18, etc.


The Card Defender is a sleeve made from a material that shields your credit or debit card from being unlawfully scanned without your knowledge. Simply slide your card inside the sleeve and put it into your wallet or purse. When you want to use the card just slide it out of the sleeve.

RFID Fraud Protection for Credit & Debit Cards & Oyster

  • Credit and debit cards now have built-in contactless payment technology called RFID.
  • Physical contact with your card is not required to take payment and can be scanned from a few centimetres away by anyone with a RFID scanner.
  • Fraudsters could scan your card while it’s still in your wallet or purse.
  • Mobile phones with a freely available app can be used to wirelessly take your credit card details.
  • Oyster travel cards use RFID and could suffer from “card clash” which may result in over-payment for the journey.

External size: 91 x 62 mm
Colour: Silver, Black and Red

We do not recommend keeping more than 1 card inside a sleeve as it may reduce the longevity of the product.

This product is equally as good as the OWL Card Minders that we used to stock. Both are certified by Secured by Design.

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