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Vibration Alarm for Windows & Doors

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Vibration Alarm for Windows & Doors
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Ultra thin vibration alarm detects shocks against glass and doors. Protect  windows and doors in your...

  • House
  • Caravan or motorhome
  • Garage or shed
  • Outbuilding
  • Office
  • Van or lorry
  • Boat
Key features:
  • Compact, just 9.5(h) x 4.5(w) x 1(d) cm
  • Sticks on to any clean, flat surface
  • Simple on/off switch
  • Loud 120db alarm
  • Auto stops after 25 seconds and resets
  • Warning sign on reverse - visible on other side of window
  • Batteries pre-installed, easily replaceable

Also ideal for your back door, often a weak point used by burglars. Flick the alarm's switch to ON before you go out or before you go to bed. The loud siren should scare off intruders and alert you or a neighbour.


Slim and attractive design. Simply peel off the protective paper on the back to reveal the adhesive coating and attach it to a window. No screws, nails or tools necessary. It will protect the window or door from unauthorised entry if there is sufficient shock or vibration. It's calibrated to avoid false alarms. (Merely opening the door or window in a normal way won't usually activate the alarm, but you can switch it off if it's a problem)

The reverse has a red warning sign which, when the alarm is attached to a window, is visible on the other side to warn people which can help prevent vandalism or an attempted break-in.

To activate, flick the switch on the side to ON. It will sound 3 short beeps to signify it's armed. If the alarm is triggered it will sound a 120db siren for 25 seconds. Then it will stop (so not to annoy neighbours) and re-arm and will trigger again if vibration/shock continues.

To disarm flick the switch to OFF.

Batteries are included and pre-installed for your convenience and should last roughly 1 year. Please remove the plastic tab from the battery compartment before use. The batteries can be replaced by sliding off the battery compartment. It takes 3x LR44 batteries and should be replaced every 12 months to ensure it continues to work efficiently.


If you wish to test your vibration alarm after purchasing one, please do so BEFORE it's attached to your door or window. The reason is because they have a low level of sensitivity to avoid false alarms so it's difficult to test safely once attached. No one likes alarms going off for no good reason, right? It takes a fair amount of force against a door or window to smash it, so to emulate this, rather than kicking your own door/window very hard and risk damaging it, you can test the alarm as follows:

Remove the plastic tab from the battery compartment. Place it flat on a table. Switch it on and it will beep 3 times. Then thump the table really hard next to the alarm. Please don't hurt yourself or break your table or hit the alarm. If you don't want to risk any of that (at your own liability) then don't do it. You do not have to test the alarms because they have proven to be extremely reliable - we've sold 100's. If they beep 3 times when switching on then that's good enough because it means the electronics are working.

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