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CCTV Cameras

CCTV acts as a deterrent to criminals but also records evidence to help catch them.


The cameras we feature are Secured by Design which means they're police approved. We have special discount codes to help you purchase the right camera to keep an eye on your home, family and valuables.

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 Live video from doorbell on app

What type of camera do you need? 


Video Doorbells

Replace your existing doorbell with a stylish, modern one with a built-in HD video camera with night vision. No wiring is necessary because it uses batteries for power and Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. When a caller rings at your door your mobile phone or tablet will alert you and show live video of the caller. It's also an intercom so you can speak to them even if you're not at home.

Video and sound is recorded to the cloud, so if you need to report something to the police you'll have some evidence to show them. Built-in motion detection can be use to alert you to people moving around in front of your house which can also be recorded automatically. Installation is easy if you can drill holes in your wall to screw the doorbell to. Wi-Fi is required.

Ring.com Video Doorbells

• Ring Video Doorbell 2 - 1080 HD, remove just the battery to recharge (or hard wired)

• Chime - highly recommended accessory, plug-in anywhere inside your home to hear when someone rings, even if your phone is switched off

• Chime Pro - as above, but also boosts Ring's Wi-Fi range

Other quality brands of video doorbell cameras are also available such as

• Arlo
• Eufy
• Nest


Outdoor Cameras

Ideal for keeping an eye on your car, back garden, or side access to your home, these weatherproof cameras record to the cloud when they detect movement. All feature two-way audio. More than one camera can operate at the same time, accessed from the same app (of the same brand). Wi-Fi is required.

Ring.com Outdoor Cameras

• Floodlight Cam - 1080 HD, twin floodlights, siren, mains powered

• Spotlight Cam - 1080 HD, built-in LED spotlights, siren, mains powered and battery versions

• Stick Up Cam - 720 HD, night vision, rechargeable battery

For full product specifications visit the Ring.com


Indoor Cameras

Remotely see if an elderly relative is okay - did they get out of bed today, have they fallen over? Or check if your pet is okay while you're out. Or if there's an intruder a clear video image of them invaluable in helping the police. Video is recorded to the cloud or also to a microSD card on selected models. All feature two-way audio.  Wi-Fi is required.


Cloud Recording

Recording to the cloud means the camera records video instantly to storage facilities somewhere on the Internet. The camera handles the connection and storage automatically. The benefit is you're not storing video evidence in your home which could otherwise be stolen if a burglar steals the device that's recording the video. Once video has been recorded to the cloud, only you can access it. Or you can choose to share it with friends or the police.

Ring.com gives you a 30 day free trial of cloud storage and then, if you want to continue, it's £25 per year per camera or £80 for unlimited cameras. 


Ring.com video doorbells in action

Press play to watch the above video. Actual footage from Ring.com cameras taken by residents in the UK.


> > Exclusive CCTV offers for Hertfordshire Residents

> > Offers for everywhere else in the UK


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