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Web Cam Cover

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Web Cam Cover

Protect your privacy online - and when you think you're offline!

Do you ever worry if your web cam is really switched off or if an uninvited hacker is watching you remotely through your own camera?

The Web Cam Cover is a perfect tool to fight online fraud and protect individuals' privacy. The cover attaches over your laptop or tablet's webcam and with a flick of your finger slides over the lens and ensures no one can see you.

Made from tough ABS plastic and featuring 3M adhesive for a secure fix, the Web Cam Cover is designed to stick over most laptop and tablet cameras where its cover can slide closed to block or slide open to unblock your camera's view.

At only 0.7mm thick, this ensures that you are able to close your laptop or MacBook.

A low cost tool to encourage online safety and provide peace of mind.

Approximate dimensions: 18mm x 9mm x 0.8mm. Please see the illustration showing the size in detail.



Easy operation once attached to your webcam. Slide open or closed.
UV light reveals property marking

The web cam cover gives you peace of mind that no one is looking at you when you think the camera is off. Why is this a concern? Web cam hacking has been known about for years. When a camera is hacked, live video can be streamed to the person who hacked the camera and used to spy on their victim. They might try to capture something you wouldn't want them to see and then try to blackmail you. Or they might just post carefully selected video clips online for kicks.

If your webcam plugs in to your computer then you should physically unplug it whenever you don't need to use it. But all laptops have built-in cameras and can't be disconnected. Our web cam cover lets you block the camera without having to stick masking tape or paper over the lens which is messy and inconvenient.

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