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Keeping safe online is essential because so much of life today depends on being online. Products that we think are a cost-effective and useful way of keeping safe will be added to this list below.

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  1. Web Cam Cover for privacy

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    Protect your privacy online - and when you think you're offline!

    Do you ever worry if your web cam is really switched off or if an uninvited hacker is watching you remotely through your own camera?

    The Web Cam Cover is a perfect tool to fight online fraud and protect individuals' privacy. The cover attaches over your laptop or tablet's webcam and with a flick of your finger slides over the lens and ensures no one can see you.

    Made from tough ABS plastic and featuring 3M adhesive for a secure fix, the Web Cam Cover is designed to stick over most laptop and tablet cameras where its cover can slide closed to block or slide open to unblock your camera's view.

    At only 0.7mm thick, this ensures that you are able to close your laptop or MacBook.

    A low cost tool to encourage online safety and provide peace of mind.

    Approximate dimensions: 18mm x 9mm x 0.8mm. Please see the illustration showing the size in detail.

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