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UV & Ink Property Marker Pen Pack

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UV & Ink Property Marker Pen Pack
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Mark your property with our double pen pack. Writing your postcode and house/flat number in permanent ink can make thieves and burglars think again before stealing your valuables and help the police return stolen property to you if they recover it.

The UV pen is for covert marking, ideal for household electrical items where you don't want to see your marking on it. UV ink will glow under ultra violet light and become visible when checked under a UV lamp or torch.

The black pen is for overt marking, ideal for power tools where you don't mind if your property marking is 100% visible to the naked eye. Marking valuables in permanent black ink will make it obvious to thieves that they will have some difficulty trying to sell these items.

Three stickers are included if you want to make it clearer to thieves that a piece of property has been marked.


UV light reveals property marking

The UV & Ink Marker Pen Pack with warning stickers is an effective method of deterring thieves from stealing your belongings. It is also ideal as it provides both a covert marking system (UV) and an overt marking method (Ink) If your property is marked it will be more difficult for the thief to sell and often reduces the value to the criminal. Marking and registering your property also increases the chances of having it returned to you in the event of it being lost and stolen. The kits have full instructions of how to mark and register property and this advice was provided in consultation with the Police.


  • 1 x Permanent Ultra Violet Marker Pen
  • 1 x Permanent Ink Marker Pen
  • 3 x "Security Marked & Traceable" Labels
  • Instructions for use.

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