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Signal Blocker

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Signal Blocker

Signal blocking pouch protects your keyless car from thieves!

High tech criminals are stealing cars by extending the signal of the keyless fob inside your house to fool your car. By placing your car's fob inside this pouch it will block all signals and prevent this new type of vehicle theft. The pouch is a low-tech, low-cost solution.

It can block the radio signals to/from anything you put inside including mobile phones. Fed up with your family playing on their phones during dinner? Put them in the pouch to block calls, 4G and Wi-Fi from getting through.

Size: 19.5cm long x 12.5cm wide. Internal dimensions fits vehicle fobs or phones up to 8cm wide and 18cm long.

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Signal blocking pouch protects your keyless car from thieves!

Blocks any radio signals getting in or out of the pouch including 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, radio, RFID, GPS and frequencies used by remote controlled devices.

Watch the CCTV video below to see how easily a pair of thieves can unlock and drive away a car in under 2 minutes.

How did they do that? One thief holds up a bag containing a special receiver that picks up a signal being transmitted from the car's fob. The fob could be by the front door. The signal is then transmitted from the first thief's device to the second thief's device. This thief is standing next to the car he wants to steal. The car thinks the owner is standing next to it with the correct fob and unlocks the doors and allows its "start" button to start the engine. The thieves completely compromise the car's high-tech security by simply re-broadcasting the fob's signal to within the proximity of the car's own receiver.

There are many other CCTV videos on the Internet showing how vulnerable modern cars are to being stolen if they use keyless entry and start.

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