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    • Contactless RFID credit card fraud, theft
    • Protect your contactless credit card with the OWL Card Minder sleeve, wallet, pouch
    • Bright LED pocket torch keyring

The OWL Card Minder was featured on BBC1's Rip Off Britain. Angela Rippon investigates the weaknesses of contactless cards with a live demonstration. Watch a video clip here.

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    The OWL Card Minder is a low cost solution to reduce the risk of unauthorised payments being taken from your contactless credit or debit card. Keep your card inside this protective sleeve to prevent it from being scanned by thieves. With this pack of 5 you can share them with family members to help keep their money safe too.
    The Card Minder is Secured by Design accredited which means our branded product has national police approval.
    We have tested the Card Minder sleeve against commercial contactless payment terminals as well as mobile phones running apps that scan contactless cards. In both situations the card inside the sleeve could not scanned by the devices until it was purposely removed from the sleeve. See the description section below for more details.

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  2. Travel Wallet - RFID protection for passport and cards (Black)
    Travel Wallet to hold and protect your passport and credit cards from RFID scanning. It's not just your contactless credit and debit cards that can be scanned by a criminal without your knowledge. For many years passports have contained a RFID microchip that holds your personal details electronically and also your photograph. This low-cost wallet shields its contents from being scanned. It can hold your passport (closed or open) and up to 4 credit/debit cards providing protection for them all. Please pick a colour before adding to your shopping cart. Learn More
  3. Web Cam Cover for privacy

    Protect your privacy online - and when you think you're offline!

    Do you ever worry if your web cam is really switched off or if an uninvited hacker is watching you remotely through your own camera?

    The Web Cam Cover is a perfect tool to fight online fraud and protect individuals' privacy. The cover attaches over your laptop or tablet's webcam and with a flick of your finger slides over the lens and ensures no one can see you.

    Made from tough ABS plastic and featuring 3M adhesive for a secure fix, the Web Cam Cover is designed to stick over most laptop and tablet cameras where its cover can slide closed to block or slide open to unblock your camera's view.

    At only 0.7mm thick, this ensures that you are able to close your laptop or MacBook.

    A low cost tool to encourage online safety and provide peace of mind.

    Approximate dimensions: 18mm x 9mm x 0.8mm. Please see the illustration showing the size in detail.

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  4. Signal Blocker defeats keyless car theft

    Signal blocking pouch protects your keyless car from thieves!

    High tech criminals are stealing cars by extending the signal of keyless fobs inside homes of victims to fool their cars. By simply placing your car's fob inside this pouch it will block all signals and prevent this new type of vehicle theft. The pouch is a low-tech, low-cost solution.

    The dual purpose pouch can block radio signals to/from anything you put inside including a mobile phone. If you want to drive without your phone dangerously distracting you, but without needing to switch it off, put it into the pouch to block calls and notifications.

    This product is police approved by being Secured by Design accredited. It also won the Auto Express "Best Buy" award. See the "Description" section for videos of criminals stealing keyless cars while the owners are asleep.

    Please pick a colour before adding to your shopping cart. 

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  5. Patlock

    Regular Price: £64.00

    Special Price £42.50

    Robust protection for patio doors / French doors. Patlock has been designed and developed in the UK to assist home owners in securing their property against burglars and the growing trend of lock snapping.

    Most forced entry burglaries are committed through the weakest point at the rear of the property, usually the Patio or French Doors.

    Entry to French Doors fitted with standard handles and locks can be forced in less than 30 seconds.

    • Instant french door security lock
    • Easily fitted and released in seconds
    • No keys or code numbers required
    • Adds extra security and provides peace of mind
    • Supplied with a pair of tamper resist door spindles
    • Locks patio doors securely, stops intruders fast
    • Patent registered design, developed in the UK
    • Secure by Design (police approved)

    The recommended retail price is £64 but we can offer a special price of just £42.50 with FREE DELIVERY and we still make a donation to good causes for each Patlock purchased.

    Before ordering please check that you have TWO door handles. See the description section below for more details and a video of Patlock in action.

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  6. Vibration Alarm for Windows & Doors

    Ultra thin vibration alarm detects shocks against glass and doors. Protect  windows and doors in your...

    • House
    • Caravan or motorhome
    • Garage or shed
    • Outbuilding
    • Office
    • Van or lorry
    • Boat
    Key features:
    • Compact, just 9.5(h) x 4.5(w) x 1(d) cm
    • Sticks on to any clean, flat surface
    • Simple on/off switch
    • Loud 120db alarm
    • Auto stops after 25 seconds and resets
    • Warning sign on reverse - visible on other side of window
    • Batteries pre-installed, easily replaceable
    Also ideal for your back door, often a weak point used by burglars. Flick the alarm's switch to ON before you go out or before you go to bed. The loud siren should scare off intruders and alert you or a neighbour. Learn More
  7. UV & Ink Property Marker Pen Pack

    Out of stock

    Mark your property with our double pen pack. Writing your postcode and house/flat number in permanent ink can make thieves and burglars think again before stealing your valuables and help the police return stolen property to you if they recover it. The UV pen is for covert marking, ideal for household electrical items where you don't want to see your marking on it. UV ink will glow under ultra violet light and become visible when checked under a UV lamp or torch. The black pen is for overt marking, ideal for power tools where you don't mind if your property marking is 100% visible to the naked eye. Marking valuables in permanent black ink will make it obvious to thieves that they will have some difficulty trying to sell these items. Three stickers are included if you want to make it clearer to thieves that a piece of property has been marked. Learn More
  8. Twin UV Property Marker Pen Pack

    Out of stock

    Mark your property with our twin UV pen pack. Write your postcode and house/flat number on your valuables to help the police return stolen property to you if it's recovered after a burglary, other type of theft, or it's lost/dropped in a public place. The UV pen is for covert marking, ideal for household electrical items, paintings, or antiques where you don't want to see your marking on it. UV sensitive ink will glow under ultra violet light and become visible when checked under a UV lamp or torch. Three stickers are included if you want to make it clear to thieves that a piece of property has been marked. Learn More
  9. Main pic

    Handy bright LED pocket-size torch with keyring loop. Simple push button activation. Batteries included.

    These make ideal little gifts for friends and family because a pocket torch will always come in handy.

    Buy 3 or more to qualify for discounts. If you require quantities of 50 or more please contact us for a quote.

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  10. Call Blocker V5000

    Regular Price: £69.99

    Special Price £56.00

    Out of stock

    Block nuisance calls at the press of a button!

    The V5000 is the top of the range device to block unwanted callers and is easy to install at home. It comes with 5,000 known nuisance numbers already blocked, plus you can add up to 1,500 of your own instantly just by pressing the big red button if you receive an unwanted call.

    • Peace of mind for you or an elderly relative
    • LCD screen - view blocked numbers and how times times they've tried to call
    • Blocks scam & nuisance calls
    • Blocks international, PPI, accident, type calls
    • Blocks calls from PRIVATE or WITHHELD numbers
    • Blocks calls from UNAVAILABLE & OUT OF AREA
    • Blocks calls from fake spoof numbers including 00
    • Installs in seconds and works with your existing home phone
    • Secure by Design (police approved)


    Buy direct from the manufacturer's website and use our special discount code at their checkout to receive a saving of £13.99 off the usual retail price. Pay just £56 and get free delivery.

    How to order direct from CPR Call Blocker:

    1. Press here to go to Call Blocker's product page
    2. Press Add to Cart
    3. Review your cart and press the Checkout button
    4. Enter our exclusive discount code OWL20 and press Apply
    5. Complete your payment details
    6. CPR Call Blocker will ship your Shield directly to you
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Video doorbells and CCTV cameras

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